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Our wonderful moisturizing hand sanitizers  come in a gorgeous, reusable amber glass spray bottle. Great for the home or on the go. 

Each bottle contains approximately  460 sprays. The bottle fits perfectly  inside your purse or backpack  and looks great on the side of your sink. 

Check out all the various fragrance options  we have. They do change seasonally! 

Ingredients: alcohol, aqua,fragrance oils.


The fragrances below are all perfectly  sweet, summer scents:

Melon Head: Shh! Does this tell our age? This fragrance  is reminiscent  of those wonderful watermelon "lip smackers" lip glosses we used as kids!

Root beer: There's nothing better than an old school rootbeer float on a hot summer day. 

 Pink Lemonade: whether you love an ice cold glass of pink Lemonade or a sweet, sugary pink Starburst candy- this one hits the spot. 

Orangecicle: this will take you back to the days of orange flavored ice cream floats. 

Banana Bunch: enjoy the rich, creamy, and smooth aroma of ripe, fresh banana. 

Gum drop: A sweet, sugary aroma reminiscent of the delicious, juicy gum we enjoyed as kids!

The fragrances below, are all more of the "perfume-y" type of fragrances:

sugar kisses: soft fruity floral & sweet musky fragrance. Has notes of apple, creamy peach, coconut, plum, white lily, jasmine, violet, pear, heliotrope. It ends with a woody, amber, musky, tonka bean, and sugary vanilla base note.

Beauty Queen:  A fresh,fruity, floral fragrance. Has notes of grapefruit, lemon, peach blossom, water lily, cassis, cucumber, lily of the valley, olive blossom, nectarine, and jasmine, with a woody, musky, vanilla base note.

 secret crush:  A fruity, sweet pea & pear type of fragrance. Has notes of green apple, grapefruit, melon, lemon and pineapple, strawberry, peach, rose, jasmine and plum, with a mossy, sugary, musky base note.

Pink Potion: A fruity yet floral fragrance. Has notes of orange, bergamot, pear, and cyclamen, with a white musky, vanilla and powdery raspberry base note.

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