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Island + Fig (Goat milk soap)

Island + Fig (Goat milk soap)

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This goat milk soap is scented in Island + Fig.  The crisp freshness screams Spring and Summer all year long. It smells of  green florals, heart of fig, jasmine, light musk, wood, and moss.

Who should use Goat Milk Soap: this soap is good for all skin types, however people who have dry, itchy skin can greatly benefit from it. (This includes eczema  and psoriasis  sufferers) 

Some Benefits of Goat Milk Soap:

  • Gentle cleanser:  contains high amounts of fats,  allowing for gentle removal of dirt & debris without removing the skin’s natural fatty acids.
  • Rich in nutrients: Goat milk is rich in fatty acids & cholesterol, which make up a large portion of the skin membrane.  It's rich in Vitamin A, which shown to have anti-aging properties. It can Improve psoriasis symptoms like dry skin.
  • Improves dry skin: Goat milk soap’s high cholesterol & fatty acid levels may replace missing fats while providing moisture to allow for better water retention in the skin. 
  • Aids in preventing Acne
  • Natural Exfoliant 


 Key ingredients:
» Aqua
» Vegetable Glycerin
» Goats Milk
» Sodium Stearate » Mica Powder
» Sorbitol   » Sodium Laurate »plant based fragrance 

Free of Parabens, Preservative, and PEG 

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 Each bar is approx. 4.0oz

**Information on ingredients:

 Sodium stearate is a vegetable-based soap material sourced from coconut and palm oils.

 Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol  Known to thicken soaps and lotions, it is also a humectant that makes the skin feel smooth.

Sodium Laurate is derived from petroleum, coconut oil or palm oil and helps make soap bubbly.


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