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You absorb 70% of what you put onto to your skin. Keep yourself healthy & happy with our Natural, additive free skincare. We have several vegan products as well. Lovingly handcrafted in kentucky.

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Eco friendly! So happy w/my purchase. Smells amazing & ultra moisturizing. Seller i amazing 10/10 would recommend .


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I get these little white heads on my arms that are so hard get rid of. I was told the only thing that may help would be a scrub. This scrub has made it all go away! I'll never use anything else.


MangoRita Sugar Scrub is a really wonderful addition to my stay ~cation before my Vacation. The bottle is too cute and dainty enough for my travel bag/road trip ! This was going to be a gift, but sorry ~ not sorry ..... it’s now all mine😂!


OMG smells so good!!! Could smell it even before I opened the package all the way. Definitely my favorite scent so far. * Will be recommending to all my friends and family.